Windows Search crashed for several hours

The Windows 10 search engine crashed for more than three hours yesterday, Wednesday, February 5, due to a third-party server problem. Microsoft says everything is back to normal.

Many users have noticed that the Windows 10 search bar – at the bottom left of the screen – simply stopped working in the afternoon of February 5. Any request had only a blank page. This search bar, which uses the services of Microsoft’s Bing engine, no longer made it possible to search the web, but also locally, which was rather annoying. This bug, which affected the most recent versions of Windows 10, has worried many users. Office 365 services were also impacted.

Fortunately, things returned to normal after a little over three hours of breakdown. During this time, it was still possible to restore the engine yourself by performing a manipulation in the Windows registry, as explained on the windows site. Microsoft finally communicated the reasons for this failure by incriminating a third-party network.

At the start of the week, the software giant experienced another major breakdown in its Team’s service. An unrelated mishap, since the previous one fell to Microsoft … who had simply forgotten to renew an SSL certificate.

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