Windows 10 2004 May Update is here: Prepare your PC

You are now ready to prepare for the Windows 10 May update and can easily deal with the distribution. If you then really run the update, you should pay attention to two small details. As Microsoft has announced, the installation of large Windows updates may stop if a data carrier is connected to the system via USB. The background to this is that if the system is restarted during installation, the external memories may be assigned different drive letters. Unplug USB sticks and external backup hard drives before the update. After the update you can reconnect the data carriers.

A second point that always causes update problems are third-party virus scanners. So if you use the built-in Windows Defender, you are on the safe side. If you have another virus scanner at the start, you can uninstall it immediately before the update, then import the Windows update and then reinstall the virus protection.

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