#heiseshow: With (health) data against Corona – helpful or actionism?

After weeks of standstill, Europe and the United States are increasingly loosening restrictions on the fight against the coronavirus. Technology is intended to help prevent the virus from returning uncontrolled and it is not just about so-called contact tracing. The DIHK wants to issue tickets for city centers, the Robert Koch Institute wants to find foci of infection with a data donation app, and elsewhere smart fever thermometers are being recruited for the same purpose. The plans are often based on sensitive health data, which are actually particularly protected. However, the German health authorities had not recently stopped disclosing data on infected people to the police. Reason enough to talk about this aspect.

How can technology apart from contact tracing help against the spread of the virus? How does the RKI data donation app work, how mature is it? How ready is the population to participate? Is health data adequately protected? What another technology is there and what are the findings? What have other countries already learned and does this help us? Is the big-time pressure currently more helpful or just problematic? What negative consequences can a wrong approach have? How is the Federal Republic currently dealing with health and patient data, what plans were there before the Corona crisis?

Jürgen Kuri will speak about this and many other questions from the audience (@jkuri) and Martin Holland (@fingolas) live and from the home office with the c’t editors Michael Link (@ ksmichel2) and Sylvester Tremmel in a new episode of the #heiseshow.

We will write down questions and comments that are not sent to us during the live broadcast. We try to include them in the current program. Suggested topics for the next issue between the programs are also welcome at any time.


The #heiseshow is streamed live every Thursday at 12 p.m. on Heise online. The moderator team consisting of Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee), Martin Holland (@fingolas), and Jürgen Kuri (@jkuri) alternately leads the talk show, which lasts around 30 minutes and in which current developments are discussed with colleagues and guests.

After the live broadcast, the program is also available for viewing and listening. You can also find the links of the RSS feeds in the adjacent dossier box.

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