Facebook Dating heartbroken by GDPR

We will have to marinate a little more to find great love on Facebook. The dating service designed by Mark Zuckerberg’s company should be launched in Europe on February 13, but it has experienced some last minute concerns.

Would you entrust your love life and your artichoke heart to Facebook? In any case, this is what the firm has hoped for since the launch of its dating service last September. But if the launch was done without a hitch in twenty countries last year, the conquest of Europe is a little more difficult.

As noted by Bloomberg , while we awaited the formalization of the service in Europe on the eve of Valentine’s Day, the launch has just been postponed due to concerns about the processing of personal data. Irish Cnil (DPC) points to serious breaches at Facebook

Doubtful Timing

First of all, the company waited until February 3, barely 10 days before the launch of the service, to notify the Irish Personal Data Constable (DPC) of its projects. Behavior “very worrying” according to the DPC which also regrets that Facebook did not see fit to provide any documentation about the protection of personal data.

Not enough to reassure the authorities who therefore wondered if the service respected the sacrosanct GDPR. It is true that Facebook Dating comes at a delicate time, since the same Irish Cnil opened an investigation into Tinder’s practices not long ago , following the revelations of a Norwegian consumer defense association.

A bad pass for Facebook

When asked, a spokesman for Facebook said it had “implemented strong measures protecting privacy” and that the company will simply “take a little more time to [i] ensure that the product is ready for the European market ” . It remains to be seen whether the general public will really be seduced by a dating service on Facebook. The air of time hardly lends itself to it.

Instagram is taking up more and more space on Facebook

What if Facebook’s real gem is called Instagram? A bundle of clues indeed seems to point in this direction while Facebook …

The company has clearly not had a good press since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and more and more young people are deserting the platform, which does not prevent the site from posting a nice growth with 2.5 billion connections per month. To try to attract these young people, the dating service also works on Instagram.

But between entrusting your vacation photos or your sexual preferences to Facebook, there is a significant symbolic chasm.

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