Combi Steam NN-CS89L, the new microwave from Panasonic with combined steam function

Panasonic is trying to find a place in the sun on the microwave oven segment and unveils its Combi Steam model. With a capacity of 31 l, this appliance is supposed to be able to stream simultaneously and in conventional cooking.

It is increasingly difficult to stand out in a market as competitive as that of microwave ovens, but that does not discourage some. This is the case of Panasonic, which has just unveiled its new combined steam microwave oven, called Combi Steam. With a capacity of 31 l and reaching 1,000 W of power, this imposing model is intended, among other things, for families.

In order to save space in the cavity, the Combi Steam gets rid of the famous turntable in favor of a rotating antenna located in the lower part. A system that was already found on the NN-DS596M model from the same manufacturer.

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On this new oven, Panasonic uses a conventional cooking system based on resistance, microwaves, but also steam. The latter makes it possible to maintain the vitamins and nutrients of certain foods (vegetables, rice, etc.), but can also be used to facilitate the raising of bread dough and the preparation of pastries. For this, the manufacturer prides itself on using Turbo Steam technology which makes this device “the most powerful combined steam oven from Panasonic to date” .

Via an 800 ml water tank and two outlets, the steam is sent directly into the microwave cavity. According to the manufacturer, it is also possible to cook two dishes simultaneously: one in normal cooking and the other in steam mode. Without a plate separating the two cavities, however, there is a good chance that steam will infiltrate into the “classic cooking” part, and we doubt the effectiveness of this simultaneous cooking system.

The Combi-Steam also benefits from the so-called Inverter technology. Used by other manufacturers, including Severin on its MW7755 microwave oven, it allows you to reheat or cook food more regularly and gradually. As a result, they will not suffer the harmful effects of a poorly controlled and oscillating power – increasing, for example, from 200 to 1000 W. A technology supposed to allow food to be cooked uniformly and thus prevent certain parts of the preparations are overcooked, while others remain cold, or even frozen.

In addition to this technology, the Combi-Steam has 12 programs and no less than 36 automatic cooking menus. The sensitive control panel is located at the door on the right side. A sensor called Genius is responsible for obtaining optimal heating results and is able to adjust the necessary cooking time without the intervention of the user.

A digital screen at the mode level indicates the cooking used by the user.
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A digital screen at the mode level indicates the cooking used by the user.

The Combi-Steam will be marketed in France in April 2020 and should cost around € 700, a very high price for this type of device. Note that it will be delivered with a grill and a baking sheet.

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