Canon confirms development of EOS R5, a full-frame hybrid stabilized with 8K video

Canon deflates all the rumors around the next hybrid by revealing the contours of the next EOS R5 currently under development. The 8K video therefore invites itself into the world of hybrids. A first.

Unfortunately, to read the EOS R5 technical sheet in detail, you will have to wait a little longer. However, Canon gives some details on the functions after revealing the development of its future hybrid sensor 24×36.


Canon EOS 850D: new processor, 4K / UHD and face recognition
NEWS : Reflex & hybrides

Canon EOS 850D: new processor, 4K / UHD and face recognition

This is a new DSLR announcement for 2020 as the Canon EOS 850D. Located on the mid-range, it incorporates the Digic 8 processor …

A reference to EOS 5D SLR cameras

The information is scarce and ultimately it leaves little room for in-depth analysis as it is fragmented. For Canon, the use of the number 5 is symbolic and echoes the reflex line started with the EOS 5D. At the time, the latter offered top performance while maintaining an affordable price.

The arrival of the EOS 5D Mark II and the development of video recording – notably thanks to alternative firmwares like those of Magic Lantern – finish building the legend. If Canon undoubtedly wishes to renew the success story , let’s hope that the price of the EOS R5 does not follow the current price trend.

A small overview of the EOS R5.  © Canon

A small overview of the EOS R5. © Canon

Few details and many questions

So finally, what does Canon actually say about the EOS R5 hybrid:

  • an 8K video recording will be available,
  • a new stabilization will be integrated into the device,
  • the burst will reach 12 fps in mechanical shutter and can go up to 20 fps in electronics,
  • This available frame rate associated with a still unknown definition will position the EOS R5 as a new reference.

We trust the EOS R5 to shake up the entire hybrid market.

Richard Shepherd, Senior Marketing Manager chez Canon

Many questions obviously remain unanswered, but the manufacturer affirms with confidence that the EOS R5 will be a relevant choice for all photographers. Whether they are portraitists, followers of animal or sports photography or even specialized in weddings. In addition, the 8K video is announced at the quality level of a cinema production.

Watch out for overconfidence

Canon’s idea is simple through the EOS R5. The choice of a hybrid must become obvious for all photographers or videographers. This confidence displayed by Canon associated with a promising start to the technical data sheet, makes us impatient with the idea of ​​discovering in detail the EOS R5 and taking control of the new hybrid. On the other hand, we must beware of well-honed marketing discourse, self-fulfilling prophecies often ending in disappointment.

Without further information, Canon wishes to be able to present the full-size EOS R5 hybrid for the Tokyo Olympic Games which will take place in the summer of 2020.

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