After 37 years: Microsoft Word gets a long-awaited change

Whether for spontaneous notes or an entire bachelor thesis: Microsoft Word is the first choice for many Windows users when it comes to creating text content. There were always discussions about how Word deals with double spaces. After 37 years, Microsoft has now decided to finally decide the small war between the users. You can read about what changes in the software as a result in the article; We show you how to check your Word text correctly in the video.
Did you know that since Microsoft Word was introduced, there has been a crucial factor that divides users into two different camps? It is not about fonts, color-coded texts, or setting the font sizes. Rather, there are Word users who add two spaces to each completed sentence before starting a new sentence.
This has repeatedly led to discussions between Word users. But Microsoft has finally decided this small war. Those who use two spaces at the end of a sentence will not be pleased with the outcome. Because in the current version of Microsoft Word, the duplication of the empty character is now underlined as an error and also chalked in the correction.

Word: Microsoft gives users the option

This decisive step comes only 37 years after Microsoft Word first saw the light of day. It is not known why the company made this change to the writing program right now. There are at least many on Twitter positive voices on Microsoft’s move. But there is still a solution for users who have previously inserted double spaces and do not want to get used to it. Like you Remove double spaces in Word, we have summarized for you under the link.

Because in Word’s options, the error marking can be deactivated again. To do this, navigate in the tabs from Word to “File” down to the options and search there for “Document check”. If you have not installed the latest version of Microsoft Word on the computer, the double space is also not marked.

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