30 million euros to fight electronic engineering with Digital Passes

The government is strengthening the Digital Pass system, which should make it possible to train several million French people in digital tools, in order to bridge an increasingly clear divide.

While in Lyon, Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital, announced that the budget allocated to Digital Passes would be tripled to reach 30 million euros in 2020, in addition to the 10 million euros already injected into this system in 2019. A sum which will be co-financed in equal parts between the State and the local authorities. Even if, at the outset, the State were to take charge of 60%, this modification should simplify the operation of the system: henceforth, for each euro invested by the State, the local authorities will do the same. It is therefore 15 million euros that the State will mobilize this year.

As a reminder, these Digital Passes are distributed by different local actors working in favor of digital inclusion, at a time when more and more procedures are done only online and the digital divide divides society (between those who have access digital and are comfortable with its tools, and others). State officials use the term “electronic engineering”, a combination of electronics and illiteracy, and refer to the problem as a serious factor of exclusion. The first Digital Passes 2020 should be distributed in the form of training vouchers next spring.

Simplified system and 200,000 people already trained

To date, 200,000 people have already benefited from training in digital tools through this, through more than 1 million Digital Passes spent in the 48 communities that set up the device. The government aims to train 6 to 7 million people, targeting primarily the most vulnerable citizens with digital technology, such as the elderly. It is thus possible to follow training that can extend up to 20 h in workshops of 1 to 2 h provided around key uses of IT tools.

Finally, a conference of funders will be organized and the system should be better supported in the future, especially in terms of logistics and in the training and supervision of trainers. It was a point defended by the ACF (Assembly of the communities of France) and France Urbaine (which represents the agglomerations) within the Interconnected ones in a manifesto given to Cédric O, baptized Acting in front of the urgency of electronics.

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